Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haley Chiappino Profile, Draft 1

75 word version

Christened Haley Chiappino, she was born on September 23, 1990 to Italian and Trinidadian parents. This seventeen year old grew up with three step-siblings and a half-sister. Haley admits that her parents' separation isn’t a difficult subject. Despite a close relationship with her father, she says that they have, in recent years, drifted apart. However, Haley discusses her childhood as a happy one. She played on her school's rugby and hockey team and in winter she enjoys snowboarding on the slopes.


300 word version

Ontario born and bred, Haley Chiappino is a junior varsity student who boasts a diverse ethnic background. Her mother hails from Trinidad and her father is an Italian. Born on 23 September 1990 in Oakville, Ontario, this bubbly teenager attended school in her native hometown before going on to high school in nearby Burlington, Ontario. Her summer job experiences include working as a sales person at an Aldo Shoes outlet and waitressing at the Montfort restaurant. ‘I like waitressing better,’ she says, because her sociable nature enables her to ‘handle’ customers with different personalities. She claims to be a passionate sportswoman and was a proud member of her school’s ice hockey and rugby team. In winter, while her family vacations at the Alpine Ski Club, she braves the slopes and goes snowboarding. However, the sports arena is not the only place where she performs with courage and confidence.

In 1993, her parents’ marriage came to an end and 3-year-old Haley went to live with her mother. ‘Oh, I’m perfectly OK with it,’ she answers with a wave and a shrug when asked whether or not her parents’ divorce was a sensitive topic. She explains how living with separate parents can have its perks – ‘two Christmases, two birthdays, and twice as many presents!’ she says with a laugh. She recalls her childhood as a happy one, where she enjoyed a close relationship with her father despite living apart from each other. Haley admits that they have grown apart over the years since her father remarried and had a family of his own. Nevertheless, she enjoys a balanced and happy family life with her mother, step father, two step siblings and a half sister. It seems that, whatever the crisis, there is no love lost for this upbeat teenager!

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